Scaling up engineering capacity to reach your business goals

Software engineering and architecture

Cloud infrastructure, sre and devops

Artificial intelligence and data science

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We've successfully built our own expertise.

The key to success is to understand what tools or technologies may give you the best outcome solving particular problems. Our mission is to find this “technology leverage” that gives you asymmetric value comparing to invested time and resources.

Software Product Development

Proof of Concept, Minimum Viable Product, Product Development and Enhancement, Discovery Phase.

Cloud, DevOps and SRE

SDLC Automation, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration, Monitoring and Alerting, Disaster recovery, Deployment.

Data Science and Engineering

Data Mining, Data Lake, ETL and Data Pipelines, Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Data OPS and Complience.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Voice Recognition.

Extend your dev team seamlessly!

Have you ever heard of junk CVs? Statistically there is only one successful hire out of 250 job applicants, ever felt this pain? More than that, to hire a replacement if an employee leaves it will cost you up to 30% of an employee`s annual reward. In simple words, we can take this pain far far away from you.

Talk to one of our experts

Our expert team will work with you to identify your goals, technical needs, and required team dynamics to better understand your challenges and expectations.

Review CVs’ of vetted candidates

You will receive a set of CVs preselected by AI and approved by our expert team. Every candidate successfully passed our vetting process.

Conduct an interview with chosen talents

Despite our efforts, you need to ensure you hire the right people for the job. Take your time and ask all the questions you have on a video interview.

You will never find better time than now!

Hire programmers

Why customers choose us?

It’s almost impossible to answer this question, some of them simply believe in us, other saw success stories. However we do understand why they staying with us for years. It’s very simple, we bring them value in the way they expect.

Clear and honest communication

Transparent and predictable finances

Culture fit and mature work attitude

Qualified and proficient engineers

Tangible and measurable results

Proper application of technologies

Who we are?

In aviation there is a term V1, it is a certain speed during take off when captain has to make a decision to fly or to abort. The same goes for companies, at some point you either keep escalating or just… Our mission is to be your co-pilot, and give you all the required support and assistance.

Oleh Pankiv
Alexander Sokolov

We won't tell you here about transparency, honesty, social responsibility, and other basic values of a good company. What we do want to emphasize on are our three simple rules:

Stay proficient

It doesn’t matter if you are a good guy, when you can’t serve your duties. Constantly improve yourself, and everyone will benefit from it.

Be responsible

Responsibility is a necessity that walks side by side with success. Only mature people can learn from mistakes, and transform them into opportunities.

Think then act

You may be surprised that some people don’t understand what they do, and for what purpose. Others overthink and never start their journey. Apply the right proportion and sequence.

You are always welcome!

If you have any questions regarding our services, or you see the way we can benefit from each other, shoot us a message, call us or even visit us. We are happy to meet you.

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